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Dove Banner Ad

Client: Unilever

Project: Digital Advertisement: Concept Creation / UX/UI Design

The task was to create a new online banner ad campaign that would grab the viewer's attention while effectually demonstrating the benefit of Dove over traditional soap bars. To do so, I using two dynamic sync banner ads (road blocks) to cause disruption and combat banner blindness. The creative was simplistic and clean matching the brand's visual communication across touch points. The primary feature of moisturizing came to live by having the cream breakout of the top ad unit poring down into the 300x250 ad to form the Dove bar landing on a side by side comparison shot with the message "Dove doesn't dry skin like soap".

• • • dove-bnr-roadblock1
• • • dove-bnr-roadblock2
• • • dove-bnr-roadblock3
• • • dove-bnr-roadblock4
• • • dove-bnr-roadblock5
• • • dove-bnr-roadblock6